Associate Board

Thrive Associate Board 2023

What is the Associate Board?  

The Associate Board is a group of intentional individuals who volunteer their time and personal resources for planning, promotion, and implementation of fundraising events for Thrive Counseling Center. Additionally, the Associate Board works to increase awareness of Thrive within the Oak Park River Forest community. Associate Board members also serve Thrive through participation on committees within the Board of Directors and assist the agency in their respective areas of expertise when called upon. 

The Associate Board’s activities and recruitment are self-driven under the guidance of its Executive Committee. The Associate Board hopes to spread its reach beyond Oak Park – River Forest and expand the agency’s scope of awareness.


The Associate Board is overseen by its Executive Committee, made up by Co-Chairs, Treasurer, and Secretary. Associate Board members communicate and work together through monthly planning meetings. These meetings allow the Associate Board members to effectively plan and execute tasks related to upcoming events and agency activities. 

Membership Requirements 

  • Believe in the mission of Thrive 
  • Attend 75% of monthly meetings 
  • Commit to a one-year term on the Associate Board with an opportunity to continue beyond this
  • Provide an annual gift of $100 to support Thrive
  • Attend Associate Board fundraising events and other activities 
  • Attend Thrive fundraising events, outside of Associate Board activities 
  • Actively recruit new Associate Board members

Membership Benefits

  • Entrance to Thrive fundraising events (outside of AB activities) at a discounted price 
  • Expansion of professional network through Thrive’s Board of Directors and other AB Members 
  • Growth as a leader 
  • Engagement with the local community 
  • Recognition on Thrive’s website 

Interested in joining the Associate Board?

Email with your interest.