Thrive Talks

The goal of our Thrive Talks is to provide a series of presentations in the community that focuses on proactive approaches to addressing mental health issues and building resiliency for managing life changing events. 

All Thrive Talks are recorded. Completed sessions are linked in the title of the Talk below.  Information for upcoming talks can be found under the Events page here.  If you have suggestions for future topics please contact Sarah Wiemeyer at

To enjoy previous Thrive Talk recordings, please click on the title. 

2024 Thrive Talks

Jan 23: Executive Functioning Tips,Tools, and Strategies to Excel in School and Life with Cara Carmody, MA

2023 Thrive Talks

Nov 28: It’s Complicated: A Conversation on Grief with Samantha Buhai-Jacobus, LPC and Hattie Stein, MSW

Sept 27: Substance Abuse: Discovering a Healthy Balance with Charlotte Holley, MSW

Mar 20:  Aging Fearlessly: Are You Embracing Who You are Now? with Julie Bach, LSCW

2022 Thrive Talks

Nov 10:  Being Online:  A Harm Reduction Approach to Technology & Social Media Use in Families with Nicole Rea, LCSW.  Note this is a video on Facebook and may require a Facebook account to view.

Sept 29: Feeling Safe in an Unsafe World: How to Talk to Children and Adolescents about Traumatic World Events with Laura Vecchiolla PsyD.

Feb 24: Let’s Talk About Race with Shanya Gray, MA Assistant Professor/Counselor Moraine Valley Community College

Jan 27: All About Gender: What Every Parent Should Know, with Rick B. Smith (he/him/his), LMFT, Relate Counseling Ltd.   For a reference of resources on this topic please click here. 


2021 Thrive Talks

Oct 28: Family Caregiving and Dementia: Emotional Challenges and Opportunities, with Darby Morhardt, PhD, LCSW

Sept 30: Where to Go When You Feel All is Lost: A Blueprint for Mental Health Care, with Alexandra Luger, PsyD, Heidi Hamernik, PhD, and Daisy Rios, LCPC

May 13: The Times, They are A-Changin’ – Transitions in Adolescents, with Hillary Urban, PsyD

April 8: The Year that Wasn’t: Young Adults and the Pandemic, with Elizabeth Earnshaw, LMFT, CGT

March 11: Aging Fearlessly, with Marcia Spira, PhD


2020 Thrive Talks

Oct 29: When I Am So Right and You Are So Wrong: Learn the Art of Disagreeing with Steve Parker, LMFT

Sept 24: Calm the Chaos! Helping Your Child or Adolescent in Challenging Times (Follow-up Q&A.pdf)

May 5: Anxiety in Children and Teens: Recognition, Prevention, and Treatment, with Heidi Hamernik, PhD 

March 5: What About Us? For Family, Friends and Loved Ones of People with Addictions with Mary Ann Daly, MA, (Click Here for Slides) (Click for More Resources)

Feb 6: Violence Against Women and the Hidden Trauma which Impacts Us All with Marian Sassetti, MD, FAAFP, Colleen Sutkus, ICDVP, and Ave Zuccarino (Click Here for Slides)


2019 Thrive Talks

Nov 19: Becoming an Even Better Parent! with Steven Parker, LMFT

Oct 30: Help, Healing, & Hope for Families Living with Mental Illness with Marian Sassetti, MD, FAAFP

Oct 9: Suicide: A Health Crisis with John Meister, Executive Director of Thrive (Click Here for Slides)

Mar 21: Caring for Family Living with Dementia – Navigating the Ambiguity with Darby Morhardt, PhD, LCSW

Feb 21: Social Media & Technology – the Effect on Families with Isaac Lopez, LCSW and Heidi Hamernik, PhD

Jan 31: Creating a Peaceful Family with Steven Parker, LMFT