Group Services

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Our curriculum-based groups help individuals (both youth and adults) learn coping strategies to manage their symptoms, maximize their ability to live independently, and increase skills to effectively navigate their social environment.

To accomplish these learning objectives, groups run weekday mornings, afternoons, and evenings, and also on Saturdays:

  • Art Therapy (Tuesdays @ 10am with Angie P.)
  • Mindfulness Basics (Wednesdays @10am with Angie P.)
  • Grief and Loss Support Group (Wednesdays @ 10am with Anu)
  • Women Who’ve Been There (Thursdays @ 2pm with Abby and Laurie)
  • Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (Tuesdays @ 1130am with Molly)
  • DBT Skills (Mondays @ 6pm with Casey)

Through the group experience, clients have the opportunity to give and receive supportive feedback as they learn ways to overcome challenges together. Clients also share how they are using these skills to improve their daily lives. Staff will work with clients and other treatment providers to develop a comprehensive plan tailored to a participant’s specific needs, with the ultimate goal of learning and practicing skills that enhance their quality of life. Clients will also be educated on community resources that can sustain their recovery after they are discharged from the program.

To learn more about the specific groups we offer or how to register for a group, please contact our access department at (708) 383- 7500 extension 204.