Youth Counseling Services

Family holding hands graphic

Youth are the building blocks of a stronger community…

All youths are inherently resilient… but when faced with multiple or ongoing stressors, any one of us can find ourselves struggling to cope. Seeking counseling early on can enable individuals to identify concerns and collaborate to address their problems.

Often youths do not understand why they are having difficulties. A Thrive Therapist will help clients “make sense of” their challenges and to resolve them. Our approach is strength-based and focuses on each youth’s and family’s unique hopes and values.

Comprehensive services include:

  • Individual child, adolescent, and adult therapy
  • Couple and family therapy
  • Intervention with youth/family crises
  • Prevention/early-intervention efforts in the schools

The Youth Counseling Department is managed by Daisy Rios, LCPC. Do not hesitate to call if you think we could be of help to you or your family members. We stand ready to respond to your questions and your concerns: 708-383-7500.